Get Easy Followers On Instagram: Fitness Edition


Instagram proudly hosts over 100 million users. This social media app encourages individuals to follow and like pictures which allows users to be acknowledged on Instagram. Popular Instagramers can become famous and are highlighted on the main page.

Many hard-working, attractive ladies and gents have sculpted and shaped their bodies becoming some of the hottest men and women on Instagram and even the world. Some of these fitness junkies are “professionals” and others are fitness fanatics who show off their accomplishments with photos on Instagram.

If you want to learn how to become famous and get easy followers on Instagram, check out the guide below.

The perfect Instagram name. Select a name that is unique and easy to identify and remember. Contemplate on an overall theme for your page and focus your name around it, so that people know what profile will be about. Choose interests that you are passionate about such as fitness.

If picking a profile name is a little too difficult, try a name generator such as Spinxo. Feel free to use symbols or underscores. They will often improve an Instagram name by making it easier to read. Just remember to only use up to 2, then you can be searched by your name.

Upload clever and artsy profile pictures. People want to know your face with the name. Becoming an Instagram sensation involves uploading some personal things like a picture of you and not necessarily a picture of your favorite workout equipment.

Become a pro. While taking as numerous photos and playing around with the filters, you can easily become a pro. Learn how to manipulate their photos in the best possible way.

 Link your Instagram with your Facebook. All those people listed as your friends on Facebook will help you get started.

Tip: also try consider Foursquare and geo-tagging.

Follow similar Instagramers. Make sure you comment and like Instagramers shots when you use Instagram. Encourage followers by following and trading likes.

  • Interact with people who like and comment on your photos.
  • Applaud other people on their success. Treat Instagram like a community.

Use hashtags. Keep track of t what’s trending and add hashtags to each picture. They should be relevant to the image. Your pictures will get more comments and likes while it is trending.

More Tips:

  • When you notice followers are liking certain types of photos, try tailoring your account the same way.
  • Quality over quantity is best. As soon as your photos begin to improve. Focus more time on creating a remarkable daily photo, instead of uploading five or ten daily images.
  • Open a contest. Offer your followers something they want in a creative way.
  • Track your progress with Statigram, or other Instagram tools. See the analytics of how your profile has grown over time.
  • Shoutout people who comment or asks to do a shoutout for shoutout. They can aid you gaining followers and popularity.

Here is a list of some of the hottest fitness models out there.

Abbie Burrows (@abbieburrows)

Alice Matos (@alicematoss)

Paige Hathaway (@paigehathaway)

I had so much fun in New Jersey meeting everyone on the #ShredzTour! :) I hands down have the best fans in the whole entire world and I absolutely love meeting all of you! You guys give me life! So "Thank you" to everyone who came out this weekend! I try to give you my 110% – I love hearing your stories and giving you advice. I hope that when you leave from meeting me in person that you are filled with hope, inspiration and a smile :) – And if we haven't met yet.. I hope we do someday! If you need help with your fitness goals or need help choosing the right #Shredz supplements – I'm always just an email away! [email protected] @paigehathaway

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Dianna Dahlgren (@diannajdahlgren)

Margret Gnarr (@margretgnarr)

Amber Dawn Orton (@mishkadawn)

#MondayMotivation 💙💕 Time for coffee & cardio ☕️💃🏻 #RoyalSportQueen

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Kiana Tom (@kiana_tom_flexappeal_fitmomtv)